come here to recommend something cool

Frankly speaking, it is a recommed on good commodities.

but it is really worthy for you to have a look.

my share is as below:

HUHD Xbox Fiber-optical Wireless 2014 Newest Premium Dolby Digital High Performance 2.4Ghz, Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, PC Noise Cancelling Gaming Headset , Detachable Microphone

  • Xbox One Stereo Headset, Configure high sensitivity speakers, sound performance details more clearly. It requires a Kinect or the Mircrosoft Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter when using microphones to get a better experience.
  • Omnidirectional Microphone Pick up Pattern. The headphones fit snugly over your ears sealing in sounds so you can play games at reasonable volumes without disturbing those nearby.
  • Playing Time: 8 Hours. The transmitter has a built-in Microsoft approved non-driver USB sound card and adopts a pure-digit decoding system.
  • Transmission Range: 10m. You can hear both game sounds and the chat through headset courtesy of the special circuit design and in built amplifier.
  • Speaker Power: 20mW. High quality 40mm drivers deliver crystal clear sound quality and allow even low volume sounds to be heard during game play giving great advantage to the serious game player.

how about your first shopping online?what do you bought?which year?where?

My first shopping online taken place in 2009 when i was a fresher in college.

I remembered that what i bought is a T-shirt,white with black dots.only 30yuan,epuals about$5.bought on taobao.China.

i liked it very much and felt very lucky since i bought with a big sale price,which saved $2.

What important is ,it is of high quality.

Now ,I am getting a litttle fatter and the T-shirt are not fit for me any more.

But i still keep it in home as a special memory.

Dear friends, do you still rememer your  first shiopping online?what do you bought?which year?where?

how about the quality,the price…

Any share is warmly welcomed,thank you!